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Strategic Partners
Robinson & Associates is a full service leadership coaching and training firm that specializes in working with managers and their teams to develop the attitudes, skills and behaviors they need to ensure effective teamwork and results. Rather than selling canned, off-the-shelf programs, we listen and learn your business objectives, preferences and budget requirements and create solutions to fit your needs.
As a result of our coaching and training programs, clients tell us they see:
      ● Stronger communication and teamwork at all levels
      ● Increased confidence and skillfulness of managers in their leadership roles
      ● Innovative thinking and execution to produce positive results
      ● Higher employee morale and engagement

Since 1987, we have built a successful track record with public and private sector organizations and not-for-profits. Contact us to find out how we can help you with management and leadership development, teambuilding, and other employee development initiatives.
"We appreciate all the preparation and effort you made to understand our needs and the specific challenges we face. You created a valuable learning experience for us, and we look forward to working with their team next year."
- Proposal Management Team
Kaiser Permanente
Top Ten Reasons to Work with Robinson & Associates
top ten
In conversations and surveys and we've asked our clients why they chose Robinson & Associates over other coaching and training firms. In the Top 10 list below, we respectfully share some of the recurring themes we've heard. We hope it gives you a feel for who we are until we have the opportunity to get to know to each other better.
10. Our work is continuously updated to reflect best practices research and our field tested experience in working with many successful organizations.
9. We’re flexible and easy to work with.
8. We have lots of experience working with businesses and managers at every stage of their growth.
7. We’re recognized for our out-of-the box creative thinking and problem solving.
6. We always strive to give our clients a quick payback on their development investment in terms of tangible business results
5. Our rates are very competitive with most, and significantly less than many larger coaching and consulting firms.
4. We thrive on tight deadlines and high standards.
3. We have a deep pool of leadership and management development resources - consultants, executive coaches, classroom trainers, speakers and facilitators.
2. We listen well.
1. We deliver on our promises.
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