Achieving Service Excellence: Enhancing Customer Service and Teamwork
Every employee has customers
Sometimes our customers are external buyers and users of our services. Oftentimes, our customers are other internal employees who rely on us to provide high quality information, products or services. The ideal service worker, in addition to being technically competent, is friendly, efficient, assertive yet sensitive, a good listener, reassuring, enthusiastic and a good problem solver. Through skills training in conjunction with on-the-job coaching and support, we believe you can develop and nurture these characteristics in all employees.

We customize to reflect your culture
We will customize our
Achieving Service Excellence program to reflect your real world work environment. We will partner with you to create case studies, role play scenarios, discussion questions and other skill building exercises that will develop employees’ abilities to meet the needs of their customers. Some of the topics that we can cover in this program may include:
    "As a result of our work with Robinson & Associates, we have seen an improvement in our communication and relationship with our customers and with each other. Months later we are still using the tools that they brought to our group."
    - Customer Service and Support
  • Building awareness of how behavioral service styles affect the way we work
    with customers
  • Learning specific techniques for adapting one’s own style to more effectively meet the needs of individual customers
  • Developing professional ways to respond to customers’ needs, requests and complaints
  • Developing the ability to say "No" to customer requests in a way which minimizes customer dissatisfaction
  • Problem solving with customers for win/win solutions
  • Resolving conflicts and defusing intense emotional reactions
Work with an experienced team
We are experienced in creating engaging customer service skill building programs that help employees to become more flexible, creative and responsive to customer needs. Each program will be designed to fit the size of the group, the amount of time available for training and your overall training objectives.
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