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When did you last spend quality time to reflect and strategize around your career, your role, your goals, and aspirations? Perhaps you’ve considered this a luxury you couldn’t afford. Busy professionals never seem to find the time to focus on themselves—so much to do, so little time to do it. Daily priorities and the never-ending demands on our time seem to keep us stuck in our familiar patterns. Maybe you’re just not sure how to get off this wheel and find time to reflect, recalibrate and refocus. One of the most powerfully effective ways for supporting your continuing growth and development is by working with an executive coach. The following story reminds us of the importance of making time for the things that can truly make a difference to our success.
    Executive & Career Coaching

If your strategy depends on having strong leaders at every level of the organization, then developing your leadership bench strength is a key business priority.

Robinson & Associates is committed to helping current and future leaders contribute their highest value to the people and organizations they serve.

Proficiency gains in interpersonal communication and organizational skills result in significant personal and organizational improvements.

               ● Stronger more effective negotiations
               ● Managing change
               ● Increased productivity
               ● Increased employee retention

Executive Coaching Overview
Executive coaching is designed to help managers define a new vision for themselves, reprogram outdated beliefs, and stimulate their creativity to embrace new challenges.
Career Coaching Overview
Periods of change and transition are often a great time to gain a fresh perspective on your career direction and explore ways to repackage your experience, talents and interests.

"Thanks again for your coaching and support during a difficult time. I was feeling a bit adrift and your guidance helped frame the changes with some impartial supportive insights. I think our coaching work has produced some great results! Amazing how once you start setting goals, things start to fall into place...Would love to work with you again."
- Senior Manager, Field and Channel Marketing
Technology Company

FAQs About Coaching
Kathleen R
Do I need to find a coach that has knowledge and experience in my industry?
The coach’s role is to help you achieve desired change in your role or your professional career. Industry experience can be helpful, but it is not required for success. More important is the coach’s understanding and skillfulness at facilitating conversations to improve self-awareness, generate personal insights, clarify vision, roles and objectives, and catalyze positive behavioral change.

I have built a fairly successful career over the years. What can I expect from a coaching relationship?
Robinson & Associates can help you:
● Define your highest value added role in your organization; i.e., what you bring to the table (strengths, assets, interests, accomplishments, etc.)
● Clarify your vision for the future and a plan to help you keep that vision in front of the people who work with you
● Build a strong cohesive team to implement the vision, goals, priorities, etc.
● Communicate your expectations and your commitment to helping others succeed
   ● Be a strong role model for the kind of leadership you would like to see in others
   ● Structure roles and work processes to improve overall efficiencies and effectiveness
   ● Achieve departmental and interdepartmental alignment and cooperation
   ● Communicate the “what” and hold others responsible for “how” work gets done
   ● Design and implement team processes for problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, etc.
   ● Conduct strategic and operational planning and reviews

What experience do you have working with senior leaders in corporate environments? What was your role?
   ● Over 20 years working with senior management (CEOs, general managers, vice president/director level, business owners) from start-ups to Fortune 1000. Consultation a variety of issues relating to organizational and leadership effectiveness including culture change, management development, change management, customer focus, process improvement, team building, communication, etc.
   ● Strong experience in multiple industries including high technology, professional services, health care, biotechnology, real estate and more
   ● Expert facilitation of high stakes conversations with leadership teams
   ● Have coached, trained, consulted with many senior and middle managers to help them improve management and leadership effectiveness

What do you think constitutes a leader?
Leaders are agents of change. People do not become leaders by virtue of title, but rather by their ability to build trusting relationships, inspire confidence, motivate and empower others.

I am largely interested in learning how to get my team to embrace my vision and goals and take their game to the next level. How would you start that process?
The ultimate goal is to have your vision become a shared vision that everyone on your team helps to create and work towards. To get your team interested in your picture of the future, you first need to demonstrate that you understand their current reality. I would begin the process by understanding your current relationships with team members, what’s working well and what isn’t. I would encourage you to meet individually with each person to LISTEN to their concerns, hopes and expectations. As part of the coaching process, I can: 1) give you some guidelines for conducting those focused conversations; 2) help facilitate those meetings and observe you in action; or 3) conduct those interviews myself and share my findings with you and the group.

What do you feel is the most important characteristic you look for in a leader? How do you develop and encourage that quality in the person you are coaching?
It is very difficult to identify one characteristic. Based on my experience of working with other leaders as well as the leadership literature, I would say that the most successful leaders are able to:
   ● Articulate a compelling vision (Where are we headed? What are we seeking to become? What are the key factors for our success?)
   ● Communicate powerfully in a present and authentic manner with others. Words and behavior are aligned.
   ● Demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence
   ● Motivate and influence others to make desired changes
   ● Be good listeners and show empathy towards others
   ● Be accountable; keep your word
Throughout the coaching/consulting process we would work on leveraging your strengths in these and other areas and help you develop attitudes, skills and behaviors to improve where needed.

I am a very focused individual and have very high expectations of the people who work for me. Sometimes the people I work with fall short of my expectations, and under pressure I can sometimes become controlling, overly directive, or take charge to ensure desired success. How do you coach me to hand off the gavel to those whom I feel are not accomplishing the tasks as I think they should?
Robinson & Associates can help you:
   ● Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the people who work for you and give you ideas for coaching them to leverage their strengths and improve in areas needed.
   ● Communicate your performance expectations in a clear and supportive manner
   ● Flex your management/leadership style to meet the individual needs of the people who report to you
   ● Give positive and constructive feedback to the people who report to you so ultimately you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want
   ● Develop a scorecard for tracking progress and results in key performance areas
   ● Reward and recognize good performance
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