Valuing Cultural Diversity
diversityIncorporating and leveraging diversity best practices
Research has shown that teams that incorporate diversity best practices achieve better results and a higher quality work product or service. According to Harvard Business School, the ability to leverage diversity is becoming an increasingly crucial leadership competency. Nowhere is that more true than in California, the only state where racial groups represent over 50% of the population. It is predicted that by 2058 the rest of the United States will mirror this demographic trend. Other groups will contribute to this growing diverse workforce; i.e., women, retirees, immigrants. Is your organization receptive to these population groups and the differences they bring to the workplace?
"The District wanted to establish a comprehensive Diversity program tied to our strategic goals. Emily's organization development skills and her diversity philosophy were a perfect match. She has guided us through every phase of the program, gaining our trust and confidence. Because of Emily's expertise, sensitivity to our culture and its employees, and overriding commitment to our success, we have an excellent program."
- Pat Maxwell, Director of HR
Las Vegas Valley

Cultural diversity, the rich blend of knowledge, talents, backgrounds and interests of all employees, can have a major positive impact on organizational success if it is managed well. Managers who successfully create inclusive work environments are more likely to attract and maintain talented employees, loyal customers and satisfied investors.

Key Topics
This half day workshop, which is tailored to your organization’s diversity issues, uses interactive exercises, brief lecture and group discussion to help participants:
  • Understand what diversity is and why it is important to your organization
  • Learn more about bias, stereotypes and prejudice
  • Explore their cultural programming, hidden assumptions and biases that influence how they treat customers, clients, and team members on a day-to-day basis
  • Adapt a toolkit of ideas, approaches and actions to use in the workplace
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