Success Story: Facilitating Organizational Change through Customized Teambuilding
nursesBusiness Challenge: To implement a new patient care model in multiple locations throughout a major Medical Center
A major Medical Center in Northern California had developed a new patient care team model to be implemented throughout the organization. The new model challenged many long-held assumptions and beliefs regarding the delivery of patient care. Nurses were particularly challenged to re-envision their role in the health care delivery process. The success of new patient care teams depended on the ability of the patient care team leaders to communicate and role model new team behaviors. Successful implementation would result in lower delivery costs without compromising the quality of care for which the institution was world-renowned.

Our Approach: Develop a Team Building Program to launch the new patient care team model
Robinson & Associates conducted an organizational assessment that gathered input from senior management, nurse managers, union representatives, selected physicians and other operations personnel. Based on our findings, we developed and implemented a two-day Teambuilding Program that we piloted with approximately 24 nurse managers and their teams (approximately 200 people). We subsequently trained the client's internal trainers to continue the roll out of this program throughout the system.

The Results: Defused resistance and increased acceptance of the new team model, clarification of team roles and responsibilities, and enhanced team leader effectiveness
As a result of this initiative, patient care teams have been generally well received throughout the organization. The new team roles and responsibilities were clarified, and the effectiveness of team leaders was greatly enhanced. The Team Building Program provided an effective vehicle for identifying operational and interpersonal issues that could be addressed through continuing planning, communication and support.
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