Executive Coaching
executive coachingChallenging Times for Executives and Managers
The development of new technologies, new products and services, and new organizational structures is placing increasing demands on executives and managers who are responsible for achieving business results. Moving from traditional hierarchical structures to team-based models and other large-system change strategies is creating new challenges for managers as they guide their teams through the inevitable disruption and disorientation which accompanies such rapid change.

Executive Coaching is designed to help managers define a new vision for themselves, to reprogram outdated belief systems, and to stimulate their creativity to energetically embrace new challenges. The role of the coach is to instruct, mentor, enlighten and empower.

"During our coaching sessions, Kathleen challenged me to do more than I was doing, and to consider ideas and approaches that were outside my comfort zone. As a result of our work together I feel more confident and have lost some ‘baggage’ which was keeping me from being more successful."
- Director of Purchasing
Technology Company
The Unique Role of the Coach
Human Resource and Organizational Development staff can fulfill the role of the coach to some extent, but they often do not have the same “permission” to work in this highly personalized way with the manager as does the independent coach. Our well-trained and experienced team of professionals coach senior and mid-level managers in designing a development plan that will achieve desired results. Limiting behavior and attitudes that may be in the individual's blind spot are surfaced and addressed in skillful and compassionate ways.

The Coaching Process
In our basic
Executive Coaching program, we will provide the following services:
  • Meet individually with the manager and the individual to be coached
  • Interview key people who work with and know the individual well (information will be summarized without revealing who said what)
  • Give feedback from the assessment to the individual and facilitate the creation of personal development plan
  • Conduct weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions by phone or in person over a two-three month time frame (exact schedule is customized for each person to meet their specific needs and preferences)
Supporting Services
Based on our assessment and initial coaching sessions, we may wish to explore other options that will ensure the successful results of the coaching program. We are prepared to provide consultation and training in: Team Development, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Communication Skills, Executive Presentation Skills, Meeting Management, Process Improvement, and much more.

Our Coaching Team
Robinson & Associates has created a team of professionals who are skilled in providing individual and team coaching. Each professional has over 15 years of experience in a variety of disciplines including career development, behavioral psychology, counseling psychology, organizational development, and human resource management. We will recommend the professional that best meets the coaching objectives and needs of the client.

"I felt very comfortable and open with Kathleen. She is very easy to converse with and I felt comfortable discussing personal issues and perspectives that I would have been more guarded to do in my current work environment."
- Senior Manager, Quality Systems and Processes
Petrochemical Company
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