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In the next decade, trillions of dollars will pass between generations. This legacy will have an enormous impact on many individual livelihoods, businesses, and society at large. Within their businesses, as one generation succeeds another, the choices about management, ownership and renewal are challenging and consequential. Difficulties can arise as a result of inadequate communication, conflicting interests, and differing goals and values.

"Kathleen Robinson was instrumental in assisting our family business in creating a Family Employment Policy. Her leadership, keen business sense, industry knowledge, and commitment to keeping us on track were critical to our success and invaluable to us in reaching our goals."
- Claudia Teel Doerhoff, Chair
Family Ownership Council
Robinson & Associates has developed specific expertise in working with family owned businesses. We provide a range of consulting services to help manage the personal and organizational issues that lead to successful and fulfilling transfer of businesses, values, commitments and legacies between generations. We help families:
  • Create clear agreements, effective structures and clear communication within a family, and with its employees and other stakeholders
  • Facilitate the development of family employment policies
  • Build effective boards and management teams to lead the business
  • Facilitate conflict resolution and set strategic direction so that the family ventures can thrive
  • Coach individuals in pursuing their passion and interests
  • Form family councils that create a vision of the future, work through differences, help individuals learn and grow, and pass their legacy to the next generation.
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