Success Story: Improving Sales Productivity
HMOBusiness Challenge:
To improve sales results during open enrollment season at a major national HMO

An internal consulting and training group for a large national HMO was seeking to expand their training delivery capacity. They needed a high quality flexible training resource to deliver their in-house "Customer Focused Presentation Skills Workshop" prior to open enrollment season. Their goal was to increase the level of new enrollments by developing the presentation skills of the sales representatives. In an effort to control costs, they decided to outsource this project rather than add extra headcount.

Our Approach:
Partner closely with the client to provide flexible high quality training resources
on a just-in-time basis

Robinson & Associates provided two exceptionally qualified presentation skills trainers to deliver the client's program. We partnered closely with our client to create a training schedule that most efficiently met the needs of their internal customer groups. Our trainers added value to this initiative by being able to tailor the client's program to meet the specific learning needs of a diverse training population, often reflected by regional differences, length of time with the company and level of skill proficiency.

The Results:
Greatly improved performance of sales representatives in obtaining new customer enrollments

We generated a high degree of trust and collaboration with the client over our three-year partnership in delivering this program. Evaluations from participants and their managers were extremely positive, most often achieving the highest scores given for this program. In fact, our outsourcing partnership worked so well that internal customers thought our trainers were employees of the HMO. Published membership enrollment levels increased in each of the years that we were involved in training the sales representatives.
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