Are your managers and employees fully prepared
        to lead your organization to the next level of growth?
    "The future is not something we enter.
             The future is something we create."  
                                      - Leonard I. Sweet
FAQs About Coaching
Do I need to find a coach that has knowledge and experience in my industry?

The coach’s role is to help you achieve desired change in your role or your professional career. Industry experience can be helpful, but it is not required for success. More important is . . .
Today’s business environment is complex, highly demanding and constantly changing. What got you here won’t necessarily get you to the next level of performance. Strong leadership, healthy team dynamics and engaged workers are critical to your success.
Robinson & Associates helps organizations and professionals move in the direction they need and want to go by unleashing the full potential of their leadership, work teams and employees.
You know where you want to go . . . we can help you get there.
Fast Facts Graph
 Fast Facts
63%  of organizations say they plan to increase their use of coaching over the next five years
[High impact Coaching Study by Executive Development Associates]
54%  of employees are not engaged in their jobs [Gallup Management Journal]
450  Average number of a manager’s hours spent each year dealing with workforce conflict [Managing at Work report: Haslam and Willmott]
Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching for leaders and managers, and Career Coaching for individuals in transition.
Dynamic management and employee training on a wide range of customizable topics.
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