Success Story: Customizing a Leadership Skill Building Program
efi printingBusiness Challenge:
To help managers improve their effectiveness as leaders and foster greater accountability in meeting objectives

A global printing software organization with over 1400 employees recognized the need to help their managers improve their leadership skills. The managers had already received basic “management 101” training, including performance management, how to give feedback, legal issues, etc. They were now ready for the next level of management development, emphasizing communication skills, employee empowerment, accountability, and change leadership. With the recent acquisition of another company, the managers also needed help integrating new technologies, work processes and teams across the organization.

Our Approach:
Conduct a focus group with middle - senior level managers and customize
a one day leadership skill building program

Robinson & Associates worked closely with the vice president of human resources and a cross-section of key managers to obtain their ideas and support for leadership development. Based on this input they customized a one day leadership skill building program that provided practical concepts and tools that were immediately transferable to the managers' real world work situations. This program was rolled out to over 150 managers in multiple locations across the U.S.

The Results:
A marked improvement in management leadership skills as well as motivation and accountability

Participants gave this program very high marks for meeting their expectations and delivering value—scores averaged 8.5 - 9.0 out of 10! In addition to learning information and tools to make them more effective leaders, managers received a strong message from senior management that they play an important role in the organization and are a highly valued asset. By sending a trainer out into the field offices, headquarters made remote managers feel more connected to the organization—an extra dividend on their training investment.
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