Improve Your Listening Skills
improve listening skills         “One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears—
                                                                         by listening to them.” - Dean Rusk

Successful organizations know that effective communication bolsters employee morale, boosts performance and increases the bottom line. They also know that the strongest influence on the quality and outcome of all communications is the ability to listen well. Only by listening effectively can people respond appropriately.

Improve listening to improve communication
In this one day workshop, participants will discover the five different approaches to listening and identify their most natural listening approaches. Through the use of relevant video and experiential learning activities, participants will:
  • Explore their strengths and challenges as listeners
  • Practice communicating with others by modifying their listening approaches to fit the situation and meet the needs of the speaker
  • Apply listening techniques to improve communications, reduce misunderstanding and mistakes and facilitate more productive information sharing between team members
"As a result of our work with Robinson & Associates, we have seen an improvement in our communication and relationship with our customers and with each other. Months later we are still using the tools that they brought to our group."
- Customer Service and Support
Prior to participating in this one-day workshop, participants will complete an online listening assessment. Each participant’s assessment results will be incorporated into a personalized workbook that they receive in the program. This resource guide also serves as a convenient reference back on the job after completion of the program.

Workshop Delivery Options
You may choose to purchase the Facilitator’s Kit for in-house delivery of Improve Your Listening Skills. All of the training components of this state-of-the-art program are fully synchronized on a USB drive to make it easy for your own in-house trainers to deliver. This plug and play program includes:
  • Individualized participant workbook
  • Fully scripted leader’s guide
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Field tested experiential learning exercises
  • Contemporary content
  • Rich video and audio segments built into PowerPoint
If you prefer, Robinson & Associates will provide an experienced facilitator to deliver this program for your organization and/or train your in-house trainers to deliver it. Call (925) 676-9644 to learn more about this comprehensive workshop and how we can best deliver this program to meet your needs.

Personal Listening Profile
The Personal Listening Profile is a learning instrument that helps individuals understand how to listen more effectively in a variety of situations. Organizations often incorporate this learning tool into coaching and mentoring programs, leadership and management development programs, off-site retreats, and employee skill building workshops. This on-line assessment generates a 16-page individualized report that includes a behavioral summary of each listening style, discussion of the individual’s natural listening strengths and challenges, a listening gap analysis as well as a personal listening action plan. The report can be set up for immediate down load and printing by the individual or emailed as preferred.

The cost of the
Personal Listening Profile is $31 each.
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