Strategic Partners

Executing strategy, retaining customers, and earning profit require a customer-focused orchestration of functions across the company. Until now the measurement of success has been by the end state and lagging indicators for profit like customer satisfaction. Not any more.

The Religence consulting team can change how you measure and manage sales and marketing performance. Now success in strategy execution, customer retention, and profit can be measured and managed in real time in an ongoing customer relationship development process that puts a value on customer relationships and is guided by our leading indicator for profit.
Strategic Action Associates

Jim Bandrowski, Founder and President of Strategic Action Associates, is a highly regarded management consultant, author, seminar leader and speaker whose areas of expertise include strategic planning and implementation, marketing and sales strategy, quality improvement, process reengineering, creativity and innovation. He is internationally recognized for helping management teams create and implement breakthrough strategies.

Jim has achieved exceptional results working with a wide range of industries including food and beverages, high tech, aerospace, oil, process instrumentation, distribution services, construction services, building materials, pharmaceuticals, health care and non-profit organizations. Clients include Merck Pharmaceuticals, American President Lines, Chateau St. Michelle, Cakebread Winery, AT&T, Chevron, Acuson, U.S. Navy/Public Works Center, Qual-Med/Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, United Health Care and Exxon.
Elliott Brown & Associates

Elliott Brown offers a full range of services, including surveys, consulting, workshops and speaking engagements, to help clients better understand and respond to their customers and achieve higher productivity and effective performance from their employees. Since 1989 Elliott Brown & Associates has helped a wide variety of organizations measure and improve the satisfaction and loyalty of their customers and employees.
Inscape Publishing

Our assessment-driven learning solutions help develop interpersonal skills such as communication, teambuilding, conflict management and time management. Solution-focused programs from Inscape, based on DiSC® and other recognized learning models, are used in thousands of organizations, large and small, including major government agencies and more than 135 of the Fortune 500.

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