Performance Management
performance managementManaging employee performance is the key to success
In this two-part course, managers will learn how to manage the entire spectrum of performance management activities — new-hire orientation, the introductory period, delegation, coaching for improvement, counseling to change unacceptable performance, and the disciplinary steps necessary for discharge. Good performance isn’t an accident. Very few employees, at any level of the organization, are able to perform at high levels without guidance from their managers, and many “performance problems” are actually the result of poor management. Managing employee performance is the key to retaining good people and motivating them to reach performance expectations. In this course, managers will learn the skills to analyze performance issues and intervene efficiently and skillfully.

This dynamic program can be presented in one full day or two half-days. Content can be tailored to meet your specific needs and timeframes.

"We appreciate all the preparation and effort you made to understand our needs and the specific challenges we face. You created a valuable learning experience for us, and we look forward to working with their team next year."
- Proposal Management Team
Kaiser Permanente
A comprehensive performance management overview

This comprehensive workshop will enable participants to understand and apply the following topics:
  • Overview of Performance Management
         - What every manager must do to manage performance
         - Definitions: Mentoring, Coaching, Counseling, Discipline

  • Building the Foundation
         - Setting out responsibilities and job expectations
         - Creating job standards
         - Defining measurements
         - Analyzing performance problems

  • Elements of Performance Management
         - Adapting a simple coaching model
         - Learning the ABC’s of Counseling
         - Taking appropriate and timely disciplinary steps

  • Delegation
         - Controlling the risks without micro-managing your employees
         - Avoiding “Dump and Run” delegation
         - Conducting work planning dialogues

  • Performance Management Interventions
         - Dealing with “Attitudes” and Behaviors
         - Using “Triangulation” to Attack Problems
         - Handling Employee Complaints
         - Addressing difficult employee performance problems
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