Effective Presentation Skills
presentation skillsAchieve optimal communication
To achieve optimal communication - in other words, to sell yourself or your product - you must not only focus on the content of your message, but also on how you look and sound. Leading communications research shows that the believability of a speaker's message depends more than 90% on his/her facial expressions, posture, gestures, and tone of voice.

Our highly interactive workshop, presented by a senior communications specialist with over 25 years of experience, will not only help participants develop their formal presentation skills, but will provide practical guidance towards improving communication in all situations.

"Sensational! Extremely helpful! I will use these skills! Your enthusiasm and encouragement are contagious..."
- Workshop Participants
Effective Presentation Skills
Customized to match your audience and timeframe

This program can be tailored to meet the needs of employees in sales/marketing, service, management, and team leadership positions. Virtually anyone who wishes to improve their effectiveness in speaking one-on-one or in groups will benefit from this program (maximum number of participants = 10). Our standard course is two days. A one day abbreviated version is also available.

One-on-one focus to ensure results
Participants are videotaped nine times, and are privately coached at least three times. Each participant will receive a resource manual, a personal videotape and feedback notes for preparing future presentations.

In this dynamic program, participants will learn how to:
  • Eliminate nervousness
  • Handle pressure in difficult situations
  • Develop presence and rapport with your audience
  • Listen to your audience and flex your presentation to meet their needs
  • Design focused and powerful presentations
  • Deal successfully with questions and comments
  • Use gestures, movement, and voice to enhance your presentation
  • Design and use effective visual aids
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