Team Offsite Planning & Facilitation
offsite planning
Invest in your company’s future

Offsite planning sessions are investments in your company’s future. Unlike meetings, which usually focus on the urgent day-to-day demands of running your operation, offsites give you time to “step off the mat” and reflect on issues of vital importance to the sustainability of your organization.

"Thank you for providing such awesome consulting and facilitation skills at our Contra Costa Association of Realtors Leadership Retreat! Kathleen, YOU made all the difference in our meetings; my colleagues are still talking about your attention to detail, your communication skills and your ability to inspire us to work together…I sincerely hope that we can work together in the near future."
- Tom Hart, 2005 President
Contra Costa Association of Realtors
A professionally designed and facilitated offsite planning session gives you the opportunity to:

Get Focused
 • Identify strategic opportunities for new levels of business growth
 • Explore the deeper issues that impact the successful implementation     of your mission, strategies and goals
Get Connected
 • Build stronger relationships based on mutual trust and appreciation for     each person’s talents and contribution
 • Recalibrate your organization’s strategies and objectives and get all     stakeholders on the same page
Get Inspired
 • Recharge emotional batteries and stimulate deeper commitment to the     mission and goals of the organization
 • Link each person’s role to key organizational initiatives
Get Moving
 • Mobilize the team and get everyone into productive action
 • Create support structures to ensure accountability for desired change

Robinson & Associates are professionals in facilitating offsite sessions that produce meaningful conversations and actionable results. Based on input gathered from participants beforehand, we will design an offsite with the right balance of business planning, teambuilding, knowledge sharing and fun to achieve your desired outcomes. Our knowledge and experience in group process and decision making technologies helps our clients accomplish more in less time with a higher degree of engagement.
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