Leadership Lessons
from Geese
Managers leading teams can learn a lot from flocks of geese. Consider this:
• Each member is responsible for getting itself to wherever the flock is going; each member looks to itself—not the leader—to determine what to do.
• Every member knows the direction of the flock. Sharing the common direction makes assuming the leadership role easier.
• Every member is willing to assume leadership when the flock needs it. When the lead goose gets tired, a more energetic goose from back in the pack assumes the leadership position. This allows the flock to maintain the fastest pace possible.
• Followers encourage leaders. Members honk from the rear to encourage leaders to maintain a fast pace.
• Members look after each other, helping all members achieve the goal. If a wounded goose goes down, two geese follow it, and protect and feed it until it either recovers or dies.
Adapted from:
The Will to Lead: Managing with Courage and Conviction in the Age of Uncertainty
by Neil H. Snyder & Angela P. Clonz
    Teambuilding and Collaboration

Moving from surviving to thriving in today’s environment of complexity and change requires teams to work in a flexible, collaborative manner. Interpersonal communication, creative thinking and skillful decision-making are essential for your managers and teams to perform more effectively together to meet your organization’s current challenges and opportunities.

Robinson & Associates can help your work teams dramatically increase their success rate and accomplish more in less time with programs that highlight current best practices in strategic thinking, visioning, change management and teamwork.

Our services include:

               ● Team Offsite Planning & Facilitation
               ● Visioning Workshop
               ● Family Business Teamwork
               ● Collaborative Skills for Teams

Team Dimensions Profile
Successful team members don’t do the same thing at the same time. They do the right thing at the right time. The Team Dimensions Profile helps individuals work from their strengths by identifying their most natural team role, while giving them added appreciation for the contributions of others.

"Kathleen is capable of emotionally and intellectually locking arms with people so that they are propelled to take action on clearly defined group objectives. She not only helps people uncover their inner motivation but also provokes others to change, to implement and to take responsibility for making a difference in their personal and professional endeavors."

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