Time Mastery Profile®
time masteryThe Time Mastery Profile® is a 36-page learning instrument that helps people assess their time-management effectiveness and create a personal plan for improving their skills in key areas.

The Time Mastery Profile® Online Assessment & Report contains the same useful information as the paper instrument, but also includes a Skills Gap Analysis. This powerful feature shows how respondents rate their skill in each Time Mastery category as well as its importance to his or her job. This data helps respondents quickly determine where to focus their time-management efforts for greater personal and professional success.

The Time Mastery Profile® Facilitator Report can be used to customize Time Mastery Profile® training or coaching sessions based on the job importance and self-assessed skill level of participants. The Group Skills Gap Analysis graphically portrays group data, pinpointing those categories that need the most attention. Participant data is presented anonymously for discussion purposes as well as by name for facilitator use.

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