Leadership in Action®
What if you could hire a high-powered team to help you build and deliver a leadership development program that fits your organizational needs and budget?

What if you could build one amazing program that was flexible enough to fully engage both new managers as well as emerging leaders without sacrificing quality or results?

And what if you could design a state-of-the art program that maintains a dual focus on management skills and leadership competencies to ensure high performance?

Now you can.

Training Tips

"Robinson & Associates challenged our thinking and stretched us to consider new ideas. The quality of the work has been great and the deliverables promised have always come through."
- VP, Human Resources
NORCAL Mutual Insurance
    Training for Managers and their Teams
Robinson & Associates offers customized skill building programs to support top performance. Our action learning approach is designed to ensure immediate transfer of information and skills to the job.

We can help you analyze your training needs and develop your curriculum, or select the appropriate training modules that are linked to your goals and reflective of your organization’s culture and values.

Some of our most popular training programs include:

               ● Achieving Service Excellence
               ● Leadership in Action
               ● Performance Management
               ● Improve Your Listening Skills
               ● Communication Matters
               ● Effective Presentation Skills
               ● Time Mastery
               ● Valuing Cultural Diversity
               ● Conflict Resolution

Action Learning
Integrating Work Projects With Learning and Development Goals
Action learning is a powerful developmental approach that allows individuals and teams to target and achieve desired project outcomes while concurrently strengthening the leadership skills of all project team members. Many best practice companies utilize it as a component of their leadership development initiatives.

Our research with best practice companies shows that action learning does not happen by accident. Individuals need appropriate training and facilitation in order to fully realize the learning opportunities embedded in the day to day work and interaction of the team. The most powerful action learning outcomes are achieved when team members:
● Understand the significance of their project to overall business goals
● Know what leadership behaviors and skills they are encouraged to develop
● Understand their current leadership strengths and weaknesses
● Receive appropriate training and coaching throughout the project on a just in time basis to support project and leadership development objectives
● Apply leadership tools and training to real strategic issues and opportunities

The action learning approach can help you support your business goals and leadership development objectives. It has been used effectively with teams who are engaged in strategic planning, process improvement, six sigma, benchmarking, marketing, operations change, customer service delivery and much more.
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