Visioning Workshop
Motivate and inspire participants to achieve a common vision in order to move the organization toward positive changes:
  • Identify challenges and opportunities facing the organization
  • Share innovative approaches to effect positive, sustainable change
  • Develop a common vision
  • Draft initial objectives and action steps to help achieve that vision
  • Lay foundation for future discussion and cooperation on matters of mutual importance
  • Provide a fun and dynamic forum to network, share information and build skill
  • Facilitate participants’ commitment to specific actions they can take to support change and growth
Through active involvement in the workshop, participants will:
  • Develop a broad and current understanding of what they do well and want to do more of; less of
  • Create a vision statement
  • Write a mission statement, identify core values, develop specific goals and objectives
  • Develop a strategic action plan
  • Develop a communication and implementation plan
  • Develop and commit to concrete and specific actions they will take upon returning to the workplace
  • Establish a peer group for continued support and information sharing
  • Leave the workshop energized and motivated to share the information they learned with their workgroups and to accomplish tangible goals
"Kathleen not only helps people uncover their inner motivation but she also provokes others to change, to implement and to take responsibility for making a difference in their personal and professional endeavors."
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